A Visit from Bear: March 2014, Journey Circle

 As Patrice was getting ready to leave work, a colleague pulled him aside to share a dream the night before.  In dreaming traditions, it is recognized that we don’t always dream for ourselves. But that our dreams can be messages for others and our community.

Knowing this, and because work is not a common place for dreams to be shared, and because this particular colleague did not know what Patrice did outside works hours, his ears really perked up.

In short, the dream was about bears surrounding a house. All of them were calling out “Pick me, pick me.”

In the rush to get home and get ready for the group, Patrice had forgotten to mention the dream to me. Group began and I felt the presence of so many Bears in the room clamoring for attention.

We decided to dedicate the second portion of the night working with Bear energy and experiencing about how Bear sees disharmony in a person and the ways in which it can be eased.

It was a beautiful and powerful circle. Thank you to all who attended!