Fee Schedule

Regular Fee Scale:
Sliding scale $100-120 per hour.  Please be aware that most healing sessions are two hours in length.  Making the range for a session between $200-$240.  Shamanic counseling sessions are an hour in length and the sliding fee scale applies.

You may pay my fee in installments, however payment must be made in full on the day the service is rendered.

Discounted Fee:
If you are motivated to do this work but cannot afford my regular fee, please know that I never turn anyone away for inability to pay. If you find yourself in this situation, I do ask that you write a sentence or two about your current situation and the fee you are proposing.

A Word About Proposing a Fee:
Sometimes people feel uncomfortable about proposing a fee. If you are not clear, try to get your mind out of the way. Just sit quietly, tune in to the universal flow, and let a number come to you.  I trust the flow to take care of you and me.