If I haven’t already made this clear, being in your class has opened up a whole new realm of being to me, often astonishing, and I thank you for the richness of all I experienced and the possibilities to come.
-D.M., Black Mountain, NC


Thank you again for the session today. You are a true gift manifest in life.
-J.M., Asheville, NC


Working with Jennifer has been some of the most life transforming work I could of hoped for.  Jennifer is a teacher in the truest sense of the word, a woman of both power and humility.  Through her guidance, wisdom and reflection, she helped me find the inner trust I needed to remember my own inner shaman.
-Amber Johnson, Asheville, NC


When I started working with Jennifer Hinton I had already been involved in shamanic practice for over a decade and in dreamwork for nearly that long. My shamanic experience had been exclusively in the Harner tradition so Jennifer’s approach added a dimension I had not anticipated but more importantly she brought a structured approach which vastly enriched the work. Working with Jennifer I discovered not only the importance of knowing about my ancestors but many things about them which served to clarify aspects of my own nature.  Under Jennifer I learned techniques to achieve depths of trance I had previously not even dreamt possible and learned to co-ordinate my Ordinary and Non-ordinary Reality experiences to the enhancement of both.
-Hugh Duncan, Dream Artist, Asheville, NC


Jennifer’s compassion as a healer and her gifts as a shaman have been a blessing in my life.  Through song, ceremony, and medicine objects, she has taught me what it is to be connected to Spirit.  That connection has empowered me to walk my own path of personal power.  Thank you, Jennifer, for all you share as a guide, a mentor and a friend.
-Chris Cintron, Massage Therapist, Asheville, NC


Thank you.  Emotional and physical shifts happening.  I am breathing deeper and feel uplifted… My body feels more vital as if a basis for health has been regained.  I am experiencing a sense of calm in my body for the first time in a long time…very incredible.  Thanks for your generosity. You are an amazing and a powerful healer…
-D.G., Longmont, CO