Chicago Workshops

The Year of the Fire Rooster – Forecasting & Focusing Your Year

Sat. January 28th & Sun. January 29th – 10 am to 5 pm

In this weekend, we will explore the energies of the Rooster Lunar year. We will divine our personal forecast for the year of 2017. In mystical and shamanic traditions, the practice of divination is the art of revealing divine will as it works through us and our lives. The better we understand how divine will is flowing the better we can align with it. The stronger the alignment, the better our lives will feel and the more adeptly we can respond to challenges.

We will delve into the energies of the Rooster and explore shamanic divination techniques. By the end of the weekend, each of us will go home with a personal forecast for the year 2017.


Where: Kindred Spirits Healing Arts | 1607 Simpson St, 1 Front | Evanston, IL 60201

Tuition: $250
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The Heart of the Drum: An Initiation to the Shamanic Journey

February 10th & 11th – 10am – 5pm

Shamanism is a 30,000 year old practice that takes one directly to sources of deep wisdom, guidance, healing, and curative energies. The practice is quite simple and, often, tremendously insightful. Riding on the beat of a drum, we move into a dreamlike state: a shamanic journey. Via the journey, we enter the realm of Spirit and encounter beings of compassion and wisdom. As you develop your relationship with Spirit, your inner being wakes up and life is revitalized.

In this weekend you will:

  • Learn how to journey
  • Ask the questions that evoke the best answers
  • Meet an animal guide
  • Explore shamanic thought and practice

Please come comfortably dressed. Personal drums and rattles welcome. There will also be rattles available to borrow and purchase.

Where: Kindred Spirits Healing Arts | 1607 Simpson St, 1 Front, Evanston, IL 60201  | (847) 869-8845

Tuition: $250
Early Bird 1/21: $225


Cutting the Cords on Difficult Relationships

Sat. March 25th & Sun. March 26th – 10am to 5pm
Kindred Spirits Evanston

Do you have anyone in your life that you can’t to get over, no matter how you try?

Or a person in your life who pulls you into situations and obligations that you KNOW are not your problem or responsibility?

Is the someone you know who after interacting with them you feel drained, exhausted and like you have taken on their emotional state?

These are a few of the situations that arise when energetically corded to someone. A cord is a psychic connection whereby energy is exchanged and transferred. Sometimes this literally feels like energy being siphoned from you, leaving you feeling depleted or intruded upon. Cords can also prevent real closure to a relationship difficult even years after it has ended. Cords can also make it hard to say no to or set boundaries with someone, even when you know you should.

In this workshop you will learn how to identify and remove energetic cords from yourself and others. You will also begin to discover the ways in which you are susceptible to cording and how to prevent unhealthy cording from happening in your relationships. A basic knowledge of shamanic journeying is prerequisite for this class.
Tuition: $250
Early Bird by 3/15: $225

Questions? Please contact Jennifer Hinton at

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Cutting the Cords


Introduction to Psychopompic Work: Guiding Souls Through Death and Transition

Sat. April 22 & Sun. April 23 – 10am to 5pm
Kindred Spirits Evanston

Psychopompic work is a part of classical shamanic healing. Psychopomp is a Greek term for a ‘guide of souls’. The psychopomp worked on many levels. He or she would assist the dying on the energetic level to help release them from their body and/or enlist support from divine help and guides. Once the person completes their transition, the psychopomp helps them navigate their way into the light. Sometimes souls can linger after death, in these cases the psychopomp helps the soul to gain closure on their life and move into the next realm.

This workshop will introduce you to basic energetic techniques that can assist people in the dying process. You also learn how to check on souls after death and assist them if need be. And finally you learn how and why people get stuck on the other side and how to help them. A solid grasp of shamanic journeying is prerequisite for this class.

Tuition: $250
Early Bird by 4/5: $225

Questions? Contact Jennifer Hinton at

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Intro Psychopompic Work


Energy I

March 17 & 18

Tuition: $250
Early Bird: $225 by 2/28

Kindred Spirits Healing

1607 Simpson, Evanston, IL 60201


Energy II

April 28 & 29

Tuition: $250

Early Bird: $225 by 4/1

Kindred Spirits Healing

1607 Simpson, Evanston, IL 60201


Shamanic Energy Healing I: Life Force and Timelessness 

Most shamanic tradition recognize an originating or animating force in all life. As the original matrix, it is unblemished by any kind of dis-ease: mental, emotional or physical. When we return ourselves to that original matrix, we begin to transmute illness in ourselves and others. Timelessness is an another concept shared by most mystical traditions – that is the idea that all time is happening at once. From this standpoint there are ways to rewrite time and not only heal but alter “time”. In this weekend we will be exploring these concepts and discover ways we can heal ourselves, others, and the planet.


Shamanic Energy Healing II: Medicines and Power

Via merging with our guides and helpers, we can tap into unlimited sources of wisdom and power. The more we can let go and trust our guides and helpers, the more we can let that power and wisdom work through us. In this weekend, we will be working with the elements, stones, feathers, plant material and other healing tools to balance our own energies and that of others. Please bring a favorite crystal or two and any other natural healing tools you might be drawn to. We will get to know them more deeply and let them partner via us with our helping spirits.

These two workshops are designed to be taken together.  If you can only take one, please contact the instructor for permission at