Jennifer Hinton, MA is an shamanic practitioner, teacher, and author with over 20 years experience in shamanism, dreamwork, meditation, earth-based spirituality, and consciousness studies.  Her work is infused with a passion for mid-wifing her clients’ inner most being into dynamic expression.

“About twenty years ago I had the honor of being one of Jennifer’s first shamanic teachers. I noticed very soon that her capacity to connect to spirit in service of others was exceptional in its clarity and constancy. Each prayer, ritual and healing in which we joined forces together over the years has confirmed the quality of her work. I consider her to be one of the very best shamanic practitioners I ever met, and I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend her to anyone who wants to explore the shamanic path as a doorway into personal growth and healing.”

Daan Van Kampenhout
Author of Images of the Soul and Tears of the Ancestors
Founder of the Practice for Systemic Ritual and Practice for Shamanism and Ritual
Amsterdam, the Netherlands