Shamanic healing is unconventional.

   Its methods sometimes unexpected.

                        It can be subtle, so subtle.

                              And it can be powerful.

People come to my practice for a variety of reasons. On the outside the issues look different: trauma recovery, depression, anxiety, loss of a loved one, a diagnosis, painful relationships, divorce, loss of a job, the desire to know one’s deeper purpose. Yet underneath the issue, clients come because one of two reasons:

1. They have tried other methods and nothing has really worked.

2. The know there is more to healing than work on a physical, verbal, visible level.

In traditional healing societies don’t look at people as diagnostic categories. For example in our society, we might say someone is suffering from depression. And people with depression all get generally the same sort of treatments. In a traditional way of looking at things no two people with “depression” would be described or treated the same way. One might be suffering from a disconnection with their own deeper essence. Another might be working out an ancestral trauma. Still another might be out of balance energetically with the elements in their body. I help my clients get at what’s hidden behind the issue and go from there.  In this way, the path to healing is not the same for any two individuals.