Below is a list of the trainings I currently teach. If I am not offering one currently and you would like to sponsor a training, I’d love tot chat. Please email me at

Introduction Classes:

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying:  For those with little or no shamanic training—goes a little deeper than the Intro days

Rattle Making Workshop: So much fun! Make your own rattle from a gourd. Create. Decorate. Initate. Bring home a rattle inspired by your own journeys.

Children’s Groups: 

Introduce your kids to the shamanic journey. During this workshops kids will playfully enter into a shamanic journey. Meet their animal friends and angels. We will then playfully use the arts (dance and drawing) to express and integrate what we have experienced. Each child is required to bring a well-behaved parent or guardian.

A Year Long Intensives

The Foundation Training: in Classical Shamanism:  A powerful and transformative experience that will provide you with solid knowledge and understanding of foundational shamanic principles. This training meets for one themed day-long workshop per month for 6 months. Monthly themes:

The Dreaming Mind: Shamanism, Dreaming and Trance
Direct Revelation:  Spirit Allies and Beyond
Shamanic Cosmology:  Four Directions and the World Tree
Deepening the Trance: Sing, Pray, Dance
Spirit of Nature: Big Heart, Deep Wisdom
Solstice Launch: Honoring the Spark Within

Throughout the series you will  learn how to: understand your shamanic experiences; build strong spirit alliances; incorporate shamanism as a daily practice; create shamanic power objects/altars; work with spirit in nature; journey for others; ground your experiences and yourself

Classical Shamanic Healing: This training brings participants into the hear of shamanic practice: healing for oneself, others, and the community. This training will be held over a four weekends one the course of one year. Weekend themes include:

Ways of seeing illness and dis-ease
Diagnosing and treating spiritual illness
Strengthening and creating wholeness with the soul
Extraction and de-cording
Spirit Releasement

Soul Retrieval: In this training teaches the shamanic art of soul retrieval. This training can either be offered in a five day or two weekend format (totaling 5-days).

Tacking lost soul parts
Finding the gift in the soul loss
Telling a healing story
Returning the soul parts
Welcoming the soul home
Recasting your life… creating a new story

Advanced Trainings:

Shamanic Dreaming:  Dreams are powerful tools for accessing healing and help from the hidden realms of Spirit. The introductory workshop will open the way to discover the meaning and power of our dreams. You will learn to dream intentionally so that your dream state becomes a power ally in living and understanding your life. During this intensive you will learn shamanic trance and journey techniques to work with your dreams.

Shamanic Dreaming II: Continuation of shamanic dreaming. Explores the potential of dreaming: pre-coginition, healing and guidance.

Soul Healing and Embodiment: Shaman have long been seen as experts of soul.  Here we would do more personal work as a group.  We would spend the two days working on personal healing and discovery on the dimension of our soul.  Learn to listen and follow the language of the soul. Work within multi-dimensional field of the soul to bring about deeper understanding of your soul’s purpose and trajectory over life times.  And then lastly how to feed and care for your soul and its purpose.

A Circle of Stones: Shamanic Workshop & Retreat: Learn about and work with the teachings of the medicine wheel. During the course of the retreat we will create a simple stone circle. Work with the movement of the sun, the seasons, and our lives to gain insight into the issues currently troubling us. Go home with  techniques that will enhance your level of self –awareness, a deepened relationship with your inner guidance and wisdom, and a rejuvenated body and mind.