France 2014

In the heart of the earth reside centers of creation and life force. Places that resonate with our deepest consciousness. Places that speak through our dreams and wake our visions. One such area is at the crossroads of Aquitane, Auvergne, Limousin and Midi-Pyrenee’s provinces of France. The power and beauty of this land is palpable.  Dreams are strong.

Vierge Noire Pilgrimage takes us to the caves of our earliest ancestors, where the cromagnon and neanderthal painted their visions on caves. To an area where the ancients constructed dolmens marking powerful vortices in the earth. And to land where the cult of the Black Madonna persisted for many centuries…and some would say continues today.

Our hope is that this trip, in it’s deepest sense, will be a pilgrimage. A pilgrimage is not a vacation. It is a journey of transformation and discovery. Insights are given, new understanding born, prayers are spoken, and blessings are received. A pilgrimage is a journey that happens both inside and out.

Our pilgrimage will combine shamanic journeying and ceremony, dreaming and meditation with journeys to sacred spots in the area. Of course, we will enjoy France; its cuisine, sights and history. But all will be held in the container of pilgrimage, so that you not only have experiences of a lifetime but experiences that can transform your life time.

Though subject to change, the proposed itinerary is as follows:

Day One: Tuesday, July 22 : Paris to the beautiful town of Brive-la-Galliarde.  Ride to our lodging in the countryside of France

Day Two:  Wednesday, July 23:  Morning Trip to Local Market at Martel or Sarlat, Shamanic Work Day, Prepare for first visit to Black Madonna

Day Three: Thursday, July 24 : Rocamadour: Visit to one of the most iconic Black Madonnas in France. Rocamadour is an incredibly beautiful medieval village (see above). Gouffre de Padirac: Boat ride in an underground river surrounded by incredibly rich caves. 

Day Four: Friday, July 25: Shamanic Workday, Optional afternoon trip TBA

Day Five: Saturday, July 26: Trip to market in Brive La Galliarde Pech Merle: Tour to original cave paintings dating back 17,000 years

Day Six: Sunday, July 27:  Shamanic Workday

Day Seven: Monday,  July 28: Collonges La Rouge: One of the most stunning villages in France. Trip to visit area’s  Dolmens

Day 8: Tuesday, July 29: Sunrise Ceremony, Black Madonna in Meymac or Aurillac, Night in Clermont Ferrand

Day 9: Wednesday July 30: Black Madonna of Notre Dame du Port Cathedral Back to Paris

Special Invitation, Friday, August 1:  My husband and I will make our personal pilgrimage to Chartres. Chartres houses one of the most famous black madonnas, Our Lady of the Pillar, and the famous Chartres Labyrinth. We Chartres every trip to France. On an informal basis, we would be happy to escort anyone who would like to join us in Chartres for their own exploration of the power and magic there.

If you are interested, please contact me for further details and pricing.


Lovely pilgrims are we

Lovely pilgrims are we!!!

Our home away from home: Martel, France

Our home away from home: Our gite in Martel, France.

View from the gite.

View from the gite.

Scenes from the gite:

Where we visited…

La Route de Saint Jacques de Compostelle.

The Route du Saint Jacques du Compostelle.

Ceremony at the dolmens along the route…

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The stairs up to the Chapel of Miracles at Rocamadour.

The Grand Escalier, the many, many stairs up to the Chapel of Miracles.

Inside The Chapel of Miracles.

With our Lady of Rocamadour inside the Chapel of Miracles.

The food along the way….

Clermont Ferrand, home to the Black Madonnas, Our Lady of Tenderness and Our Lady of the Good Death.

Scenes from Clermont Ferrand:

Chartres, France

Chartres Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral

Scenes from Chartres: