Soul Retrieval

Soul loss occurs when a part your essence is no longer available to you.  Soul loss occurs many different ways: trauma, abuse, illness, and loss.  Typically a person with soul loss senses something is missing.  We language this without really thinking about it. “When my partner died, I feel like he took apiece of me with them.”  “Ever since the accident, I just haven’t felt altogether myself.”

Sometimes it’s just a nagging feeling that something has never been right – like something is missing. For nearly two decades, I have seen my clients recover vitality, health, hope and a return to wholeness through the process of soul gathering and retrieval. Other signs of soul loss may include:

  • difficulty staying present
  • emotional and physical numbness
  • weak immune system
  • addictive behaviors
  • feelings of emptiness
  • depression
  • difficulty moving on after a loss


Effects of Soul Retrieval on the human energy system. These images below were taken by a Kirlian camera:

Before Retrieval

Before Retrieval

After  Retrieval

After Retrieval

These images were taken during Sandra Ingerman’s Advanced Healer’s training. Using a They show the effects of a soul retrieval  on the auric field.  To learn more about her work on soul retrieval visit