Ancestor Work

Imagine that your lineage going generations and generations and generations back. Imagine who your very first ancestor were.  Where and from what they did they originate? Not matter your beliefs, you probably assume that whatever that originating spark of life was that brought all forth was one of incredible power.  Many traditions will say, and I believe it to be so, that the originating spark to be good, whole and complete. Traditions further say that that original and powerful spark of life is carried to and through us via our ancestors. And that if our ancestors lived through trauma and if it went unhealed, it can block the flow of the wellness to us. And the trauma will, in various guises, revisit the descendants until recognized and addressed.

Sometimes during a session it is revealed that part or much of the cause of a person’s distress actually originates from the ancestral lines. Work then can be done to clear those lines and heal what has gone before to open the way now. There are many ways to work with the ancestors. Many times my clients will ask if they need to know their ancestry to do this work. The answer is no. Through this work what you need to know will reveal itself- sometime in stunning and fascinating ways.

Ancestor work may come up for you in a session with me or many times you might just know that’s the work you need to do. If you would like to know more or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.